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Forest entities with fewer than 1,000 ha net stocked area
Forest entities with more than 1,000 ha net stocked area


Forest entities with fewer than 1,000 ha net stocked area

Ket Bradshaw

Ket Bradshaw is a professional forester who has filled a wide variety of roles since graduating in 1976. These include President (2004-8) and now Fellow (2014) of the NZ Institute of Forestry, Executive Officer of the NZ Farm Forestry Association (1994-99), forestry and environmental advisor for NZ’s development projects in the South Pacific and South East Asia (1991-94), forestry consultant and contractor to the Ministry for Primary Industries and other government departments.

She manages her own forest (45ha) and a family forest (250ha) in Marlborough. Her mixed species forest has a Dryland Initiative Eucalypt trial, cypress, Douglas fir, radiata and a 6ha pine nut orchard. She’s re-establishing a significant wetland following a devastating forest fire in 2015.

Over her career Ket has worked in many aspects of forestry from planting and harvesting through to the economics and environmental aspects of forestry and forest processing. Through this Ket has developed a wide personal network of the people who make up our industry, including Wahine in Forestry.

For the last 6 years Ket has been setting up and managing the South Marlborough Landscape Restoration Trust, one of the community organisations active within the Wilding Pine Network. She has raised more than $1.5 million from the commercial, charity and government sectors and has developed a successful operational and volunteer programme. Her motivation is that wilding conifers pose a major threat to our landscapes, our biodiversity and to the forest industry.

Ket would bring diversity and considerable practical, commercial and governance experience to the Board. She has an independent professional view of where the levy funds can be allocated for the benefit of forest growers, to build resilience for the future and to help build the public’s trust and confidence in the forestry sector.

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Bert Hughes

I am CEO and Forestry Director at Forest Enterprises Growth Limited (FEG). I am also a shareholder in FEG. FEG’s subsidiary, Forest Enterprises Limited (FEL) is a licensed Managed Investment Scheme manager offering investment in forests. FEG manages over 65 forests comprising 32,000 hectares for investors. FEL represents over 6,500 essentially small forest owners. FEG harvests about a million tonnes of logs and replants more than 1,500 hectares pa.

I am a Registered Forester with the NZ Institute of Forestry and a Chartered Member of the NZ Institute of Directors. I have the NZCF (Ranger Training) and a BBS (Massey).

FEG is a member of the Farm Forestry Association, the Forest Industry Contractors Association, and several Wood Councils.

I grew up on a farm and worked in the woods since 1983. I still operate our small family forest with several alternative timber species. My experience includes:

* Five years NZFS graduating as Forest Ranger.
* Logger and Silviculture worker
* Log marshalling at various ports.
* Nelson Regional Manager of a large forestry company
* Co-owner, founder of an SME forestry company
* At FEG - company strategy, valuation and reporting, forestry business, marketing of the million tonnes produced annually.

I would ensure the Levy Funding is directed to the most effective use of our funds. Strength in the forest industry is key to lifting utilisation in forest products which leads to delivering social, environmental and economic benefits to society and stakeholders. The use of levy funding is an important tool to achieve that.

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Forest entities with more than 1,000 ha net stocked area

David Cormack

CEO Wenita Forest Products Ltd

David assumed his current role with Wenita in 2009. After graduating from the University of Canterbury School of Forestry, he has taken on various senior roles in forestry, encompassing marketing, woodflow and forest management.

He is a Registered Member of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry and also belongs to the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

David contributed his expertise to the New Zealand Forest Owners National Executive Council for six years and chaired its Biosecurity Committee up until 2019.

He lives in Dunedin with his wife Kirstin and loves the outdoor lifestyle that Otago has to offer.

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Lees Seymour

Ko Tainui te waka
Ko Hoturoa te tangata
Ko Pirongia te Maunga
Ko Kāwhia moana te moana
Ko Ngāti Hikairo te iwi
Ko Waipapa te marae
Tihei mauri ora!

Kia ora rā! I have more than 40 years experience working in the forest and wood products industry. I started planting trees in Matahina Forest during my school holidays, gained a Bachelor of Forestry Science Degree from the University of Canterbury, and have held management and senior management roles at Pan Pac, Fletcher Challenge, CSR Timber and Weyerhaeuser Australia. My most recent executive role was as the leader of the Nelson Forests business (through three different onwnerships) from 2002–2020. I am now the Managing Director of Nelson Consulting Group in which I specialise in providing strategic advice to a range of clients and I sit on a number of boards as a director.

I will bring a range of experiences and insights, if elected, to the Forest Grower Levy Trust board (FGLT), from large corporate forests to small privately owned woodlots, New Zealand experience as well as extensive international experiences, commercial and not for profit, industry good activities and research governance experience, as well as important Te Ao Māori, Matauranga Māori, environmental, and social licence knowledge and insights.

We have an industry that has a lot to offer and is under appreciated in a number of ways and one of the ways to unlock our potential is through the important work that the FGLT does.

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Philip Taylor

Phil has worked in the forest sector in a variety of roles for over 40 years. His background is in technical forestry, he is a graduate of the University of Canterbury School of Forestry, and he also holds a NZ Certificate in Forestry. He is currently the Managing Director of Port Blakely based in Christchurch and has held this position since 2006. Phil is the immediate past president of the New Zealand Forest Owners Association; he now sits on the executive committee and in July 2023 he was appointed to the Scion Board. Phil has extensive governance experience and is a member of the NZ Institute of Directors. He is a fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry and a past recipient of the Forester of the Year award.

Phil has served on the FGLT Board since it was incorporated back in 2014. Over this 10-year period he has gained an in-depth understanding on how the Trust operates and how it adds value supporting the collective interests of all levy payers.

The forest sector is facing many challenges, ranging from highly visible reputational damage, reduced productivity, increasing regulation and declining profitability. However, it also has many opportunities particularly around the potential of a wood fibre-based bio economy. Phil is standing for re-election as he strongly believes in the Trust and the role it plays in contributing to the success of the forest sector through capturing its many opportunities while addressing the challenges.

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