Forest entities with less than 1,000 ha net stocked area
Forest entities with greater than 1,000 ha net stocked area


Forest entities with less than 1,000 ha net stocked area

Neil Cullen

I have had a lifelong interest in trees and forestry. My family own 650 ha in the Catlins area of South Otago. More than 40% of the farm is in forest, 130 ha in indigenous mixed podocarp forest and 150 ha in exotic plantings. Harvesting and replanting has been occurring since 2000 so I have experience with the full cycle of forestry operations. Different species have been tried and the current make up of our planted forests is 57% P. radiata, 25% Douglas fir, 13% cypress, with eucalypts and redwoods making up the balance. On the non forested part of the farm we run 3500 stock units of sheep and beef.

My involvement with the NZFFA goes back to the 1970s and I have been on the national Executive for eight years stepping into the role of President in April 2017. Since the instigation of the Forest Growers Levy the FFA and FOA have worked together through the joint committees and Levy Advisory Board to provide recommendations to the Levy Trust Board. As President of FFA I have become involved in the fine tuning of this levy process and in insuring small scale growerӳ interests are appropriately considered. With this background I feel I have the knowledge of the industry and the issues involved to strongly represent the small scale growers on the Forest Growers Levy Trust Board.

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Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson is a farmer from South Canterbury where he farms a 295ha family farm, 40km south of Timaru. The main farming enterprise is made up of a Coopworth ewe breeding flock and bull beef production. The numbers of bulls vary depending on the season, which provides drought flexibility. In addition to livestock we have varied tree woodlots grown for production, shelter and aesthetic purposes. Along with partner Liz we have 7 children and have a large garden with many specimen trees.

I graduated from Lincoln University in 1977 with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science after which I worked in agrichemical research and development work, in New Zealand and the USA.

I have been farming since 1983 during which time I have been an active member of the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association, I have been a member of the NZFFA since 1985. I have served 14 years on the National executive and three years as National President of the Farm Forestry Association, from which I stepped down in April 2015.

During my time as President I spearheaded FFAӳ participation in the Independent Forest Safety Review and the development of the Forest Industry Safety Council, which is now held up by government as being an industry leader in the health and safety field. I have sat on that board, as the FFA representative for the past 2 years, alongside government, forest industry, worker and union representatives.

I have been one of the two small scale grower representatives on the Forest Growers levy board for the past 4 years. I was involved in the instigation and the organisation of the levy referendum and its establishment from the beginning. I understand the issues and know the people involved in the industry. I am well placed to continue to represent the interests of the small scale grower. The forest growerӳ levy has been a huge success, giving the industry a considerable degree of cohesiveness and a sound financial base to fund many important issues, including the important issue of Health and safety and providing leverage for research funding. This has gone a long way towards improving the industries license to operate, as well as its wider perception. Without the levy, this funding would not have been possible and the entire forest industry would be in a much worse place. This has all been made possible because of a smooth functioning board, which I have been part of.

The industry has many issues to grapple with. The FGLTB has done an excellent job of establishing the levy structure and getting it on a firm footing with a strong financial base. Research was always a top priority, with recent increases in funding in this area showing the dedication the board has in fulfilling one of its main aims. As we look towards the next referendum in 2019, I believe I am well placed to represent the small scale grower and promote the forest levy as an essential and fundamental part of the growing and harvesting of trees, regardless of scale.

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Forest entities with greater than 1,000 ha net stocked area

There will be no election for representatives of owners of larger forests (i.e. greater than 1,000 hectares) as the number of candidates matched the number of vacancies on the board.

Robert Green

Robert Green is CEO of Timberlands Limited and leads a team of 80 staff and approximately 750 contractors, to provide a full range of forest management services to the Kaingaroa Timberlands Partnership, owners of the world renowned Kaingaroa Forest Estate.

Robert has an impressive history of surpassing ambitious business goals and creating innovative operational strategies on a global stage for small and large companies, and Government enterprises in the timber industry. With a history of driving sustainable plantation and natural resources, Robert brings to Timberlands extensive experience in hardwood and softwood, plantation and natural forestry, as well as experience in primary and secondary processing, import, export and distribution.

Before moving to Australia to take up the role of Director for Sales and Contracting (2009 ֠2011), and latterly CEO of VicForests (2011- 2016), Robert was a Divisional Manager for Snavely Forest Products in San Francisco, USA.

Robert is an enthusiastic Board member of the NZ Forest Owners Association and was formerly deputy chair of Wood Products Victoria. He was also a member of the Finance Committee of the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) with Honours, from the University of Otago.

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Bill McCallum

Bill McCallum is the Managing Director of Hancock Natural Resources Group Australasia and President of Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Limited with responsibility for the management of investor-owned timberlands and farmlands in New Zealand and Australia. Prior to joining Hancock in 2004, Bill held positions in operations management, marketing and acquisitions with Fletcher Challenge Forests Limited in New Zealand and South America. He previously worked throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Pacific with an international forestry consulting firm.

He holds a Bachelor of Forestry Science (Hons) degree from the University of Canterbury and an MBA from the University of Otago.

Bill is a past president of the NZ Forest Owners Association and past Chairman of the Wood Council of New Zealand and is a trustee of the NZ Forest Growers Levy Trust and the NZ Forest Industry Safety Council.

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