Board Elections 2023

The nominated candidates are listed here.

Welcome to the Forest Growers Levy Trust Board 2023 Board elections website.

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Voting here

Who can vote in the 2023 Election for the FGLT board?

Anyone who will potentially pay the levy during the six-year life of the current Levy Order (2020 – 2025) will be entitled to vote.

Each forest owner who owns a qualifying forest will be eligible to vote. There is one vote per forest owner regardless of the form of that ownership or the number of forests held by that owner.

A qualifying forest is a forest that has a stand or stands of trees of 10 years or older (or, for the purposes of this election, planted before 1 January 2014) totalling at least four hectares.

A stand means a contiguous area of relatively homogenous trees which have a common set of characteristics, normally managed as a single unit.

This definition applies to all species, wildings, and regeneration of a planted stand of trees grown for eventual harvest, but excludes Christmas trees and trees grown for domestic firewood.

The forest age restriction is designed to ensure that everyone who is growing trees that might be harvested and sold in the 6-year levy period has the right to vote.

Forest owners who will not be liable to pay the levy will not be eligible to vote in the Board election.

The FGLT Board

Information on the current FGLT Board:

"Rules for Forest Growers Levy Trust Incorporated".

Further information on the implementation of the Forest Growers Levy can be found at

Reason for election

Rule 4.4 of the FGLT Rules (Rule 4.4), determines that an election be held every two years and that one half of the elected board members shall retire.

One board member elected under Rule 4.3a (fewer than 1000 hectares) and two board members elected under Rule 4.3b (more than 1,000 hectares) shall come up for election.

In 2023 the three Board members due to retire and who can offer themselves for re-election are; Geoff Thorp and Phil Taylor in the more than 1,000 hectare category and Bert Hughes in the fewer than 1,000 hectares category.

Therefore this Election is for two more than 1,000ha representatives, and a single representative of forests of fewer than 1,000ha.

An elected Board Member's term is four years.

The FGLT Board have appointed Research New Zealand to run the election process.

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