Board Elections 2017

Welcome to the Forest Growers Levy Trust Board 2017 Board elections website. Here you will be able to nominate candidates, have your questions answered, view candidate information and cast your vote.

Key Dates

Nominations: Open Friday 18 August Nominations Received
Close Friday 22 September
Voting: Open Monday 9 October
Close Friday 20 OctoberVoting has closed

The FGLT Board have appointed Research New Zealand to run this process accepting nominations via a specified nomination form on this website and running the election.

The results of the recent FGLT board elections are now available. 3 board member positions were under consideration – 2 in the over 1000ha category and 1 in the under 1000h category. The voting resulted in a very close result for one of the positions.The final outcome is the appointment of the following for a term of 4 years on the board:

  • Robert Green, Bill McCallum, Ian Jackson

Reason for Election

Under the rules of the FGLT it is required that one half of the elected Board Members shall retire in 2017 in order to continue the rotation policy contemplated in the rules. Such retirees shall be eligible for re-election. The retirements and elections shall occur to maintain the same balance of Board membership as provided for in Rule 4.3. For the avoidance of doubt, those Board Members who are elected at the 2017 election shall be elected for a term until the end of the levy on 17 November 2019, at which time, if the levy is to continue, a new levy must have been voted in. The Board consists of:

  1. Two persons elected by forest owners each having less than 1,000 hectares of plantation forest. Voting shall be counted on the basis of one vote per forest owner.

  2. Four persons elected by forest owners each having more than 1,000 hectares of plantation forest. Voting shall be counted in proportion to the voter’s forest production for the previous year.

  3. One person appointed by the six persons elected in accordance with Rules ‎1.1a and ‎1.1b.

For this election there are two categories of Board member who will retire under which eligible forest owners are able to vote.

  1. Forest entities with less than 1,000 ha net stocked area – one Board member. In this category Ian Jackson is retiring and offering himself available for nomination.

  2. Forest entities with greater than 1,000 ha net stocked area – two board members. In this category Bill McCallum and Robert Green are retiring and both are offering themselves available for nomination.

Further information on the implementation of the levy can be found at


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