Board Elections 2015

Welcome to the Forest Growers Levy Trust Board 2015 Board elections website. The FGLT Board appointed Research New Zealand to run this election.

Key Date

Election results published: Tuesday 27 October


For this election there were two categories of Board member who retired under which eligible forest owners were able to vote.

  1. Forest entities with less than 1,000 ha net stocked area - one Board member.

  2. Forest entities with greater than 1,000 ha net stocked area - two Board members

In the first category Steve Wilton retired and offered himself for nomination. In the second category Paul Nicholls and Phil Taylor retired and both offered themselves for nomination.

As of the close off of nominations on 18 September we had received the following nominations for the Board Elections:

  1. Under 1,000 hectares: Guy Farman and Steve Wilton

  2. Over 1,000 hectares: Philip Taylor and Paul Nicholls

As the nominations received for the over 1,000 hectares category matched the number of vacancies an election was not necessary.

As there were two nominations received for the one vacancy in the first category (less than 1,000 ha net stocked area) an election was necessary. Voting for this board vacancy was held from 5 - 16 October 2015 via this website.

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Reason for Election

Under the rules of the FGLT it is required that one half of the elected Board Members shall retire in 2015 in order to give effect to the rotation policy contemplated in the rules. Such retirees shall be eligible for re-election. The retirements and elections shall occur to maintain the same balance of Board membership as provided for in Rule 4.3. For the avoidance of doubt, those Board Members who are elected at the 2015 election shall be elected for a four year term under Rule 1.1a of the Trust Rules. The Board consists of:

  1. Two persons elected by Forest Owners each having less than 1,000 hectares of plantation forest. Voting shall be counted on the basis of one vote per Forest Owner.

  2. Four persons elected by Forest Owners each having more than 1,000 hectares of plantation forest. Voting shall be counted in proportion to the voter's Forest Production for the previous year.

  3. One person appointed by the six persons elected in accordance with Rules 1.1a and 1.1b.

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